The Amy Marshall Dance Company (AMDC) delivers outstanding, energetic performances, presenting work that ranges from traditionally classic and modern to edgy athletic dance.  Seen around the globe, AMDC is known for programs that engage and communicate with audiences of all ages and with varying levels of understanding in dance.  In addition, AMDC is known for its outreach activities. Through master classes, educational workshops, lecture demonstrations and series, and residencies, the company offers communities a tangible, behind the scenes introduction to Ms. Marshall’s style and to dance as a whole.


The Amy Marshall Dance Company Summer and Winter Intensives serve as platforms to propel technical and artistic abilities to levels beyond dancers expectations. Every year, students from around the world come to New York to train with Amy Marshall and members of the Amy Marshall Dance Company in one of the most intense and rewarding programs around.  Graduates from the program have continued on to become members of the Amy Marshall Dance Company and other prominent dance companies in New York.  Our younger dancers have been accepted at the most prestigious of dance colleges.  The Amy Marshall Dance Company makes it a priority to see dancers excel beyond their expectations.

International Cultural Exchange
The Amy Marshall Dance Company offers its International Cultural Exchange Program, which is geared toward bridging cultural relations with other countries through dance.  Established in 2008 with the Macau Cultural Exchange, AMDC works with the host countries to develop a program to increase dance appreciation and participation.  Ms. Marshall creates a new, commissioned work that pays tribute to the host country’s heritage, and the company works with local artists to develop the work and strives to incorporate local artists as performers within the dance itself. Every one of these outlets is designed to allow communities to not only see great dance, but to truly experience it and invest in the future of the performing arts.

Master Class: 2 hours, 35 students maximum
For students with prior dance training, we offer an advanced modern technique class. During the warm-up, students are introduced to Ms. Marshall’s movement style; they later learn excerpts from the repertory. The goal of this class is to expose the dancers in the community to the Company’s style and to give them a chance to experience the movement themselves.

Composition: 1.5 hours, 15 students
This is a hands-on lesson for intermediate to advanced dancers taught by Ms. Marshall. Students learn the basic elements of choreography, gain valuable composition tools, and have a chance to apply this knowledge by creating informal dances of their own.

Improvisation: 1.5 hours, 15 students
Led by Company members, improvisation class gives students the opportunity to make up their own movements and learn the various applications of extemporaneous dancing. Guided by these experienced teachers, students will be encouraged to tap into their own creativity and individuality as artists and gain the confidence needed for performing.

Movement class: 50 minutes, 35 students maximum
Movement class, designed for all age groups, caters especially to those students who have little or no previous dance training. One or two of the Company’s dancers introduce basic aspects of modern dance such as muscular coordination, memory, flexibility, characterization, the use of space, and musicality.

Lecture demonstrations: 50 minutes
In lecture demonstrations, the Company executes modern dance class exercises and performs excerpts from various pieces in the repertory while a moderator explains the values of the exercises and their specific meaning to the art form. The students get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to become a dancer and learn the progression from classroom to stage. The demonstration is geared to the appropriate age group and is followed by a question-and-answer period.

Educational performances: 50 minutes
Educational performances, intended for schools and other community venues, consist of varied repertory interspersed with a moderator’s explanation about each piece. School shows last one full class period and can take place in an auditorium or a gym; other shows can take place in any similar space large enough to accommodate both the audience and dancers.

Workshops: 2-3 days
For those who prefer an in-depth approach, the Company offers workshops comprised of any number and combination of the above offerings, such as master classes and lecture demonstrations. Workshops generally last two or three five-hour days and often conclude with evening performances by AMDC. They are a wonderful way to introduce dance to your community and get everyone involved.

Residencies: 1-2 weeks
Residencies include master classes, lecture demonstrations, school performances, and open rehearsals, and culminate with performance(s) by AMDC and post performance discussion(s) with the dancers. Residencies require a more intense approach than workshops and are geared towards experienced dancers. One to two weeks are needed in order to allow the students a chance to absorb and process the information. Through personal interaction with the AMDC dancers and the participation in the various activities, the students will gain valuable tools that will enhance their dance careers.